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Children and Young Person support

I offer online counselling for young people 12+ with parental consent.


Although I do work with younger children within my role at a local charity. I don't work with under 12 online as I believe younger children benefit more from face to face therapy where play and art can be incorporated into the sessions. 

Registered and Experienced CYP Counsellor

I first gained my experience counselling children and young people within a local college. supporting young people with diverse life challenges and mental health challenges. I now work with a wonderful charity The Listening Ear that provides counselling for children and young people within their own school.

I'm happy to work with young people 12+ online and this can work really well for young people who suit traditional talking therapies. I will meet with the young person for the first session and access if that really is the right way of working for their specific needs. for some young people talking in the comfort of their own home feels a safer and easier way to access therapy, for others people in their home being able to hear sessions can block them from being able to talk. So I really want to assess how to best meet their needs. So I will decline to see young people if I feel another service or therapy is more appropriate.

If you are looking to get counselling support for children under 12 or are requiring face to face sessions for young people aged 5 - 18 and your are in the BCP area, I recommend contacting The Listening Ear - -

Putting Children first

Child protection

At Take A Breath, I prioritise the safety and wellbeing of children above all else. As a registered CYP counsellor with NCPS and advanced DBS checked, I have received extensive training in safeguarding and follow government guidelines on the protection of children. I hold myself accountable to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in all of my interactions with both children and their families.


Children deserve the same right to confidentiality as adults and keeping their thoughts and feelings private is their right. 

Safeguarding is my priority and I will without exception share any serious concerns I have around the child's welfare or safety. beyond that I am unable to share the contents of the sessions with parents. however the young person is free to discuss sessions and I am happy to share any strategies I feel may be of benefit to the young person.

Young persons choice

Children and young people can be reluctant and unsure if counselling is right for them, and starting can be a scary prospect. so I always do my best to reassure them and encourage them to give counselling a fair try. It must however be their choice. I would never force a child to attend therapy and will always make it clear to them that attending therapy is their choice and theirs alone. counselling can not work for someone being made to attend because they will not fully engage with it. I'm not prepared to give children a negative experience of therapy or waste a parents money. counselling should be a supportive collaborative experience for all.

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